Monday, July 6, 2015

Thailand: Bangkok

Well, let's just say that a hunking amount of stuff has happened since I last blogged. A lot of un-important, uneventful days spent working and then reading the Wall Street Journal and playing the piano at night like the 75-year-old man that I am, and some really cool, blog-worthy events that I will remember for years to come.

For one, Brett and I went to Thailand.

Now I'm going to get all weird and philosophical, partly because I'm reading The Goldfinch and Donna Tartt delves into the deeper nuances of human existence like a 1,000-year-old medicine man. And partly because I've been thinking about the fleetingness of life, the blink-of-an-eye quality of planned future, then dreamlike present and then memory past.

So I read The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown some time ago, and though he makes ridiculous arguments like the Bible was written not about God but about the potential of mortal men, he does make an interesting case about the tangible quality of thoughts. Like thoughts can be measured, quantified, weighed and awesome science stuff like that. This is a scientific field actually being explored today.

And I just listened to an NPR podcast (once again, because I'm a 75-year-old man) called Invisibilia (so so so good, listen to it now!), and in one of the episodes they discussed how blind people are blind/disabled because of our thoughts about their blindness/capabilities. The thoughts we think can actually alter other entities apart from ourselves.

But what if memories (which are a type of thought I guess) have tangible, changing qualities also? Ok, so I went to Thailand and that is done. But does my memory of it somehow change Thailand or change me or change the person I'm telling about my vacation? Do memories hold some form of matter that bounces from me to you until we're all full of each other's memory atoms and thought atoms when we share told experiences? Is that why stories bind cultures together more than anything else?

I went to Thailand, and since it's over does it not exist anywhere else except in my mind? Or do I shave off some Thailand atoms when I shave my legs or wash my hair.

Or are there more dimensions to time and memory... Just where does my trip to Thailand exist apart from my mind? I planned it, I went, and now it's over in this dimension. But is there a parallel Star-trekian universe where I'm still there riding elephants? Someone tell me! ;)

I'm sorry if this is sounding off-the-rocker, but I write what I want!

I'll actually blog about Bangkok tomorrow. For now I wanted to get that off my chest, and give you food for thought (get it — because thoughts are tangible things??!!)

I am officially going insane. 

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