Saturday, June 28, 2014

american fork half marathon

I finally did it. After saying so many times on this blog that I was going to run a half marathon, I finally lived up to my word.

I LOVED it. I honestly enjoyed every second of it--even the 12th mile.

Waking up at 3:30 a.m. isn't my favorite, but of course I took a fat 2 hour nap after the race. And it was so beautiful seeing the sun rise over the mountains where we started.

I ran with my good friend Laurel and her mother-in-law Bonnie. The bus ride up to the mountains was super fun. The bus driver blasted the music so we could get pumped up and I found myself dancing in my seat and singing along to Nicki Minaj.

We had to wait at the start line in the mountains for almost an hour in the freezing cold. About 15 minutes before the race started, they asked us to take off our sweats and put them in our bags. I've never been so reluctant to take off my clothes in my whole life. We were shivering our petuties (spelling?) off in our little running shorts.

^Seeing the lake get brighter was exquisite. I love me some nature.

The race started and we were in the very back trying to get to the starting line. The first few miles were thrilling and we turned it into a game of "pass the slow, old people." There were so many people that we had to dart in and out and find little tiny holes we could pass through.

The race was entirely beautiful and the mountains blessed us with a nice breeze. I loved the bikers and observers cheering us on and giving us water and goo. I had so much adrenaline rushing through me. Races are a million times more exciting than regular Saturday long runs.

I finished with a better time than I expected (1:55) and with a huge smile on my face. In January of this year, running was the bane of my existence. I even threw up the first time running with my husband, ha! Now I consider 10 miles to be easy. It's amazing how your body can adapt and grow in such a small amount of time.

^^Kneader's french toast after the race. Delicious. Thanks to my supportive and wonderful husband for the pictures and for cheering me on at the finish line.

^^Lovely friend. I'm so glad I started running with her. She's got me through some hard times these past few months. And goodness, I need to learn to suck it in after eating!

People of the world, running is great. If I can do it, you absolutely can too.

We are running the Top of Utah marathon this September. Wish us luck because we're sure going to need it.

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