Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Lately I:

-Got the stomach flu
-Memorized Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy because I wanted to. I'm currently memorizing "Lady Lazarus" by Sylvia Plath. Yep, I have a BA in English.

^^Gave Mr. Bigfoot a big hug at work. He's part of the Deseret Industries campaign.

^^Found this picture on our new computer. Apparently we were really happy that day.

^^Went on a lot of strolls outside in the beautiful springtime. I got this shirt at a fashion blogger sale with my friend Lindsay (rich fashionista bloggers sold their clothes that they've hardly worn). I also got a very nice Juicy Couture blazer for $25--win for me!

^^Hiked the Y multiple times.

^^Loved the flowers during my lunch breaks at work.

-Made chocolate chip cookies for the first time ever. I'm so domestic.
-Had caprese sandwiches with my good friend from high school Staley.
-Spent time with friends in group dinners including an Easter barbecue.
-Made amazing kabobs with pineapple and bacon. People, don't skimp on the bacon.

^^Saw my lovely friend Jenn who just got back from working as a Disney princess in Tokyo for a year. And then she just left today for Peru to go on a mission. She's amazing! I'm partially living vicariously through her.

^^Said goodbye to our dear friends Luke and Lindsay who abandoned us for Arizona. :(

^^Ate group lunches outside in the sunshine.

Went on dates with Brett including
-The Carl Bloch and Frans Schwartz exhibit at BYU. There were some amazing pictures of Christ. My favorite was "Agony in the Garden" by Frans Schwartz. I want a replica of it in my house when I grow up.
-Sri Lankan food at the Banana Leaf as seen above. 
-Olive Garden on a gift card like the cool people we are.
-Gym dates, which don't really count but Brett counts them

-Watched Philomena, Captain Phillips, Divergent, and The Pianist. Philomena was an outrage: those nuns are evil!
-Ran lots and lots including 10 miles this past Saturday and 8 miles today. Half marathon I'm coming for ya!
-Finished The Book Thief and cried my eyes out.

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