Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Valentine's Day


So, it's March, but we are just getting to Valentine's Day up in this blog.

Brett and I spent Valentine's Day as we usually do--eating pizza and watching a movie. I think it's kind of lame-o and cliche going out to dinner because everyone and their fish does,  you know? But we ordered cheese crust, okay; we're not barbarians.

Then we went to Gravity. It was great and the music was great.

This is my new favorite song.

It's definitely a movie you have to see in theaters because the special effects are out-of-this-world (literally) and I don't think it would translate well to the small TV screen.

Poor Brett had to take off his 3-D glasses for a while because of all the spinning (she gets lost in space and spins for a solid 20 minutes). Don't go see this if you just ate questionable Indian food because the muck will end up on your lap.

Anyway, I had a wonderful evening with my honey. I never understood how people could fall deeper and deeper in love with someone until I married Brett. I legitimately love him more with each passing year, month, day, even hour (except if he doesn't pick up his gushers wrappers ;) ). I know I made the right choice in marrying him. Young people of the world, don't be scared of marriage. It actually completely rocks.

^^^The best quality picture with the best quality man (former part of the sentence, sarcasm. latter part of the sentence, not).

I also was in charge of the Valentine's Dinner Dance for my ward (a group of people we go to church with who live in our geographical region). Our ward is made up of married students, so why not have a romantic night for all the couples?

We had a most romantic dessert contest and there was some pretty elaborate entries.

^^Someone made a French man cake and someone made creme brulee? Get out of here. The three winners got date night prizes.

We had lots of good food and dancing and a photo booth. I couldn't resist sharing some of my favorites.Sadly, Brett and I didn't do the photo booth because I was running to and fro the whole night.

The theme was matching and all these couples did it perfectly.

See, Mormons have fun too.

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