Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sophie's baptism

My sweet baby sister was baptized! I can't believe she is 8! 
In our church, we believe that all of us are accountable for our actions when we turn 8 because we know right from wrong, which is different from most other Christian religions where members are baptized as babies. We believe that little kids are innocent, and thus automatically go to heaven if they die.

Sophie and my parents came to Utah for the baptism since we have so much family here (and Bri and I live here and Marcus is 3 hours away) so it just made sense.

^^Marcus baptized Sophia. What a treat to see.

^^The Smith-Candland-McCloskey clan all reunited.

^^It took them a few tries for her to go all the way under because Sophie kept putting her knee up or her fingers, hehe.

^^After the baptism, my dad said a prayer, blessing Sophie with the gift of the Holy Ghost throughout her life if she follows God's commandments and lives well. This means that the Spirit will guide her and basically be her friend throughout her life. We get to have a member of the godhead spiritually with us at all times. I absolutely love the Holy Ghost in my own life.It is something that I hold very special to me and I know for a fact is real.

All of the men in our family who have the priesthood stood with my dad and placed their hands on Sophie's head as he said the prayer. After the prayer, Sophie jumped in my dad's arms and hugged him and then she hugged all of them one at a time. It was really sweet.

^^After the baptism (and some musical performances and some talks and stuff--my mom goes all out on planning) we went over to the aunt and uncle's for a Thai food feast and an awesome CTR cake. CTR stands for Choose The Right and a lot of people wear rings that say "CTR" on them to remind them to do what's right.

^^And of course, what would a blog post be without a sneaky picture of Brett sleeping?

Anyway, if you're not Mormon (LDS) and you have some questions (or have heard bad things) about our religion, feel free to ask me or go here for more information: I promise you we're actually pretty normal, nice people.

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