Sunday, March 9, 2014

life lately

Lately I:

^^Went to a friend's bachelorette party complete with a sushi dinner, risque games, and lots of advice-giving

-Started running every Tuesday with my friend Laurel. It's been fun to hear about her new baby and grad school and all her adventures. We call ourselves the Loogie Ladies, and I won't tell you why

-Served milk and cookies to the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve for my church. To put that into perspective, that's like serving milk and cookies to Pope Francis and his cardinals. It was incredible

 ^^Sent my mom a selfie of myself at work per her request

-Attempted to see Elizabeth Smart speak with my sister and a few friends but it was so crowded that we got tacos instead

^^Went snowmobiling and snowshoeing for a work retreat at my boss's boss's cabin. It was my first time doing both and I loved it so much! I did crash into a pole with my boss's boss, however. Now I am sporting a huge bruise on my hip with soreness down my whole left side. It was worth it. Snowmobiling across huge meadows at full speed is one of the most exhilarating experiences a human can have

-Watched Saving Private Ryan, Fight Club, and Argo with Brett (edited). Fight Club is a trip

-Played Settlers of Catan with friends and was sending mental death threats to them. Sometimes, I get too competitive 

^^Took a lot of those dumb personality quizzes. Apparently, I'm Xena, Warrior Princess and am only supposed to have one child? But, I liked the result on this one. I would live in Ireland in a heartbeat

-Took the Myers-Briggs personality test. I am an ESFJ (Extrovert, Sensor, Feeler, Judger). My main personality traits are altruistic, loyal, and sociable. It also says that I'm practical, too selfless, and crave security--but I'm not so sure about those three. I'm 70% ESFJ and 30% Victoria weirdness. Brett is INFJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, Judger). His is the rarest of all the 16 personalities (I knew I married a special one). He is a natural nurturer, complex, strongly-opinionated, creative, and private. That's Brett.

^^Went to my old roomie's baby shower. It was great to see girls from the freshman dorms and catch up. Everybody, she is 8 months pregnant. She is tiny!!!!

-Skyped with my brother while he opened his mission call. He's going to Chicago! We are all so excited for him. He leaves May 28

And that's all for now. Daylight savings was this morning, and I'm pretty excited about it. Now I'll actually get home from work while the sun's still up!

Happy Sunday.

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