Monday, February 3, 2014


I went to a Superbowl party with the hubs and lots of friends and ate way too many chips and bean dip

I had dinner with my good friends Laurel and Mindy at Mountain West Burrito as seen below

I dyed my hair red and I really really really like it

I made a delicious dinner with my sissy of salmon with mango salsa and avocado glaze, wild rice, and brussel sprouts 

I ran 5 miles and wasn't sore the next day. That's pretty amazeballs for me

I backed into an Audi. Yep, that was fun

I watched the Mitt documentary with Brett. Can I be a Romney already?

I finished the book Allegiant and was so mad at the ending!! Spoiler alert: someone greatly important to the story dies. Plus the book was dull and took me years to finish

I said goodbye to my cousin Rachie poo for a year and a half while she goes to teach the people of Seoul, South Korea. Become fluent in Korean in 8 weeks? No big deal. She can do it!

^^^Hey Victoria, here's a good idea: stop looking so completely awkward in all the pictures taken of you. Anyway, I love you and miss you Rach!

I went to a baby shower because almost every single one of my friends are having babies

I went to an addiction recovery meeting for my job

That is all for now. 

Happy Monday!