Tuesday, January 14, 2014



-went to our friend's baby gender reveal party.

^Cutting the cake to reveal the color of the gender inside and it's a boy! 

^Congratulations you two!

-went sledding as part of my cousin Rachel's last weekend before she goes on her mission to Korea.

-dressed up crazy and went out to eat and to the mall as part of the girls' (somewhat childish but super fun) tradition.

^I saw my former boss and a few people I'm sort of friends with and it was incredibly embarrassing. I'm really good at embarrassing myself.

I also:
-saw my dear friend Sarah
-saw my dear friend Laurel's new baby boy
-went to Applebee's and had appetizers with friends like the classy people we are
-ate hamburgers and played mafia with my cousins and aunts and uncles
-cuddled with the hubbie and watched Parks and Rec
-had a delicious healthy gourmet pizza dinner with my sister and her hubbie (who recently moved to Ptown and I'm so excited!) and my hubbie of course

That is all for now. 

Happy Tuesday!

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