Sunday, January 5, 2014

fall 2013

Now that Winter 2014 is here, I thought I'd share all of the pictures I never shared of Fall 2013.

What a great and busy season we had!

^^^The books I edited are now available for purchase! Grain Crazy, Evolution of Cocoons, and My Name is Cool.

^^^Got a lot of the Salt Lake Temple this past fall since I work on the same block.

^^^Rachel is leaving for the Seoul, Korea mission on January 15! She cried when she read where she was going because she had a very strong feeling that she was going to Asia.

^^^Weddings in pretty buildings with friends.

^^^Pool and ping pong with friends and unsurprisingly, I'm terrible at both.

^^^Hiking Squaw Peak with friends before the weather got bad. I love hiking so so much.

Here are the outtakes of this picture above:

 ^^^My good friend Laurel's baby shower. She just gave birth to her baby boy Simon and he is perfect. 

^^^Provo Temple date night with the honeybum lover studmuffin hunk cutie sweetiepie lovebug (did I make it awkward enough for ya?)

^^^Maggie's bridal shower. We went to their wedding over Christmas break and I will write about that soon.

^^^Hunger Games on a double date. So so so good.

^^^Pretty Christmas tree at a work luncheon.

We also did a lot of other fun things that I can't remember, but I promise they were fun. May there be many more adventures to come.

Happy Winter 2014!

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  1. I read your blog! And even though I lived, I loved it all over again :)