Sunday, December 29, 2013

idaho? . . . no udaho!

I had to.

A few weekends ago my dad and I drove up to Idaho to see Bri perform in her last viola performance at BYU-Idaho ever (and to see my brother who is a freshman there). Brett was in Vegas at his best friend's bachelor party, so I figured I should do something fun too.

She did a fantastic job, especially in the song Sleigh Ride when her part is incredibly intricate.

^^^Not sure what's going on here. 

It was my first time visiting BYU-Idaho and it was very cold and dreary and farm-like and not really my taste but hey, if you like that kind of stuff, then go there!

^^^First and last selfies for me. I was just really loving this berry lipstick and I think I might steal it from my sister. 

No, BYU-Idaho really wasn't all that bad. Downtown Rexburg was lit up with Christmas lights and we got to go to the school gym and see The Hobbit which was actually really good and 845,679,341 times better than the first.

^^^Workin' on our fitness. 

So that was Idaho.I loved spending quality talk time with my dad in the car to and from Rexburg. He is the kindest, smartest, and most forgiving person I know.

Happy Sunday!

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