Tuesday, October 22, 2013

concert redemption

So I no longer hate concerts because the Imagine Dragons concert was i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e.

My sister Bri and her hubbie Garrett treated us to tickets. We will forever be indebted to them.

 ^White girls rockin' out.

^^We got our fair share of photobombing. Brett looks sad, but he actually loved the concert and was dancing and singing along like a champ.

I already was a fan of Imagine Dragons, but my love for them grew even more. They were so humble and at one point Dan Reynolds (the lead singer) stopped singing and I saw from the big screen that he was tearing up! It was very sweet to see that even with all of their success they are still so happy and grateful that people like their music. (Can I mention that Dan is Mormon?)

During the whole concert I was dancing my little heart out! I felt so alive!  (Hehe, I couldn't help myself)

After the finale "Radioactive" (you know it) they left the stage but we cheered and stomped and roared so much so they just couldn't ignore the call for an encore.

I left with a very hoarse voice from shouting their songs and sweaty, sweaty bangs from dancing as is proven in this picture:

Go see Imagine Dragons!

Monday, October 14, 2013

utah lovin'

Mr. and I have been loving the fall here in good ol' Utah.

I love Utah in the fall. It's a fresh start to the year so I feel happy and motivated and I love seeing all the friends we left during the summer. Also, the leaves turn beautiful crimsons, golds, and burnt oranges, which isn't something I had in San Diego. Our seasons consisted of a 5 degree drop in winter and a 5 degree rise in summer; drastic.

Here are some pictures of the recent happenings:


Baby Ander came into the family! The first grandchild of the McCloskey clan.

My parents came up to send Marcus off to college (my little brother is in college, what?) and got to spend time with us and the new baby.

 ^^Ander's baby blessing.

 ^^Proud parents.

^^Last night at family Sunday dinner. Ander likes to literally "hang out" because it helps his poor gassy tummy. Sometimes it's no fun being a baby.


We have been hanging out a lot with friends, but I never get pictures of our excursions. We've been to Los Hermanos, had a crepe night and watched Parks and Recreation (best show on TV without a doubt), watched some football games, eaten Chinese food, and more.

The only outing with friends I've gotten pictures of is our hike to Stewart Falls that was unfortunately cut short because of my feeble ankle that got sprained yet again. It was still beautiful while it lasted.


And then comes work. I love my internship and I love the people. I got to be in a meeting with the Primary, Young Women, and Relief Society presidencies last week along with several members of the Seventy. We talked about this recent General Conference and what we can learn from the main themes. I was amazed at how aware the presidencies and members of the Seventy are of the women in the Church, and how they love, respect, and honor us. They said that we need to empower women and I was like, amen to that!

^^My cube.

 ^^Intern lunch while it was still warm out. There is one boy, but he took our pictures.

 ^^General conference! More on that later.

^^View from my boss's window. We get to see brides and grooms coming out all the time and it's pretty cute and distracting.

Tomorrow Elder Holland is speaking to us and I'm so beyond excited. Favorite apostle? I think yes!

More updates to come including a redemptive concert experience.


(Have a great Monday)