Monday, September 9, 2013

my newest work

After playing for a few days in the Bay Area (while Brett worked), and then a nice trip to San Diego (while Brett worked), Brett and I made the move to Utah for one last year.

Brett and I have moved so much in our married years; it's pretty comical. We've lived in 7 different apartments/houses and 4 different states in the 2 years we've been married. Yeah . . . good thing we know how to consolidate.

On Monday we scrambled to get our apartment in working order, realized we didn't have gas and it was Labor Day. What do you do? Take a shower at the gym! The rest of this week I just dunked my hair in the tub and washed it to avoid the freezing water on my body. Oh yeah, and sink body showers are a real thing now.

But, let's get to the real purpose of this post. I could ramble about nothings all day. I started my internship at the LDS Church Office Buildings on Tuesday. I was so nervous on Monday night that I woke up three times thinking it was time to get ready.

^24th floor is where you'll find me.

I am the social media/digital intern for the LDS Church Magazines. I create, post, and analyze the content the magazines publish in social media settings. I do a lot more as well, including creating and managing other church-owned pages (Ex. The Book of Mormon page) and some copyright work, among other sundry responsibilities. I also collaborate with the managing editors of each magazine.

I love it. The opportunity to work at such an established place and simultaneously progress the work of God is truly amazing. Throughout my entire application process for this internship (resume submission, two portfolio submissions, and interviews) I felt the hand of God helping me on. I've never had that experience before in such clarity, but it is something I will never forget and something I hold special to me.

^Temple square flowers. I love seeing them everyday!

I pulled an all-nighter the night before I turned in my hard-copy portfolio. I was scrambling to edit content I'd previously written, design everything to make it look professional, write new articles to go what they were looking for, and the list goes on and on. Throughout the whole night, never did I panic or tire. I wrote better than I've written in my life, as if my Heavenly Father was telling me directly what to say. It was one of those sweet communal experiences with God that is hard to describe.

I know for a fact that I'm supposed to be where I am right now. I know that, for some reason or maybe many, I am supposed to be here. It's a beautiful and calming feeling.

My supervisor and all the other employees I work with are just the best and most inspiring people. And the great thing about it is this isn't a pick-up-my-dry-cleaning-and-make-copies-for-me internship. I have real responsibilities and the department depends on me.

I know it's a cliche, but I do feel so blessed. It's truly spectacular how God can give you blessings so much so you will not have room to receive them.

Life isn't perfect. I still have struggles and hard days just like any other person. But, I know for a fact that God loves me. He knows me.

And He knows and loves you.

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  1. I love this post, especially since I felt exactly like you did! I applied for all 4 internships and got portfolio requests for 3, so I was also scrambling and praying like crazy to get my digital and hard copy one finished and looking perfect. The interview process is insane with all the tests, essays, portfolios, interviews, and waiting. It's such a blessing to get to work there! I'm glad there's someone that can empathize!