Sunday, August 4, 2013

steve and kate's camp

This summer I'm working for a great kids summer camp called Steve and Kate's. It's a place where kids get to run free and do what they want when they want . . . except for during kickoff, huddles, lunch, all-camp games, clean up time, showcase, and gameshow, but you know.

I never was a kid-lover. I hated babysitting, teaching elementary school or any other form of youth education was ruled out by the time I was 13 because of my earnest dislike for anything children, and I thought other people's kids were really annoying. . . because they are. Except for babies; I always did love babies.

When Brett and I moved to Dville for the summer and I was jobless, my friend Sarah told me about her position as a director at Steve and Kate's. She enticed me with the guarantee that she could get me a job as a counselor. I was desperate so I agreed to interview and fill out the paperwork and even get my fingerprints rolled and take a CPR training class.

Alas the day came for my first day of camp. Crazy, snotty kids all day? And I was the kinder-camp counselor. 5-year old crazy, snotty, little kids all day? Not my cup of tea.

But, I was wrong about myself. I love these kids. All of them, no matter the age. 5,12 and all of them in between. I have made friends with these kids. These kids look up to me.

Here are some pictures from this happy summer amongst the youth of the world.

I let the kids paint my face and this was the result complete with thick French mustache. And yes, I wore it proudly all day.

Water slide. The free doughnuts at work are killing my abdomen!

5th of July parade.

 Western day. I taught the kids how to do the Cotton-Eye Joe.

Pie-throwing Friday.

There aren't a lot of kids in these pictures because I think snapping pictures of other people's kids can be taken as creepy. Nonetheless, I still love the kids.

Now, I'm not going to ditch my dream of becoming a writer/publisher and all of a sudden dedicate my life to kindergarten teaching because of this camp, but I am glad I realized that I love kids. And I'm really really excited to have my own someday.

This upcoming week is the last for our camp and I am sad to leave the kids and the counselors. I met some extraordinary people and did some extraordinarily silly, fun things.

If you have kids in the Bay Area, I highly recommend enrolling them in Steve and Kate's Camp. I know I will in the distant future.

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  1. Most soul searching/silly/ exhausting 2 months of my life.....