Monday, August 5, 2013


Since my last "since" post I have and/or Brett has:

-seen free Macbeth in the park. I loved the creepy witches with white faces and dark eye sockets. Macbeth is my favorite Shakespeare play because it's so eerie and dark and delicious.

-went on a Barnes and Noble date and ate soup and sandwich and begged for summer not to end

-saw World War Z after which I had nightmares of zombies eating me

-saw Pacific Rim after which I had nightmares of monsters chasing me

-devoured Divergent by Veronica Roth. You should read it. I commend her for writing a great first novel

-explored Berkeley and Cal and witnessed a really gross hippie couple getting it on on BART

-moved to the Littlejohn's residence

-had a water fight with our gym clothes on which resulted in Brett throwing me into the pool, Nike Frees and all. We didn't go to the gym

-celebrated my 22nd birthday! (post to come)

-celebrated our 2-year anniversary! (post to come)

-had mommy and Sophie time

-got sick with a bad cold

-went off sugar for a week

-went to Oakland First Friday (post to come)

-danced the night away at an INSANE wedding reception at a breathtaking horse stable

 I mean, just look at that carpet of peonies, roses, and hydrangeas!

 Little tiny playhouse was screaming for us to take a picture

We literally danced the night away

-got CPR and First-Aid certified. Hey, I'm practically a nurse! (Sarcasm)

-read The Hobbit

Happy Monday to all!

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