Wednesday, August 21, 2013

san diego in may

I am going to San Diego for the second time this summer. I didn't blog about my last trip to San Diego, in May, which was a very special time. My beloved sister got married. So now's about the time to record what happened, don't ya think?

I flew down a week before the wedding and stayed a few days after and then flew straight to D.C. . . . which I will blog about later. 

The week before the wedding was mayhem. Here's a fraction of what went down.

I went to a childhood friend's wedding. 

 ^My mom and her possy waiting for the bride and groom outside the temple.

^Tried to get a good picture with my dad; didn't work so much.

^Pretty bride.

^Favorite part of the Nichols-Duke wedding was the flash mob performed by our former bishop, young womens leaders, and other random people that we would last expect to dance to Michael Jackson including 50-year-old man's mans.

 ^My dad's starting a blurry picture-taking business. You should call him up.

I spent time with my baby sister whom I love so much, including being her mommy-in-practice driving her to and from school and to her activities such as karate. She is the little warrior princess!

I spent a lot of time with my mom getting everything finalized. We found a morsel of time amid the craze to go on a run along the beautiful Torrey Pines beach. Of course I got really light-headed from not eating enough in the early morning  and had to sit down for a few minutes with my head between my knees. The previous time I went running with my mom I threw up from eating a huge cheese bagel and guzzling down a whole bottle of water. I can't win! 

 We celebrated Marcus's swim talent by going to his CIF qualifying meet and the real CIF deal and his swim banquet. He got the coach's award and broke all of his PRs!

We had to do a ton of things to prepare the food for the reception, including making gallons of a salsa rub for the meat. My dad and his friend George had a really fun time doing it as you can tell from the looks of pure elation on their faces.

Bri went through the temple for the first time a few days before her wedding, and I was there to support her including my parents, her fiance, and a few other close friends. The San Diego temple is so beautiful outside, but even more gorgeous inside. 

We also got our nails done, spray tans galore (first and last for me), and indulged in some San Diego classics like Board and Brew.

My mom absolutely insisted that Garrett not smash cake in Bri's face during cake cutting on the wedding day. She actually called him up and said that if he did it, she would not consider him a family member. Needless to say, Garrett got the hint. My mom is hilarious! But, not to spoil the fun, they had a cake smashing party a few days before the big day.

Friday was the day before the wedding and Bri decided to be a little unconventional and shoot some bridals with Garrett. She wanted me to accompany her to ensure her dress was perfect and everything, as is a maid-of-honor's duty. We met the best photographer in the world Mark Frapwell at the temple . . . I went to the San Diego temple 4 times that week.

Garrett seeing Bri for the first time:

^What a dress.

More of the photo shoot was taken down at the La Jolla beach. 

And frankly, now I'm exhausted. Next post is the actual wedding day!

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