Thursday, August 22, 2013

san diego in may part 2

So now we come to Bri's wedding.

All the bridesmaids slept at my parents' house the night before the wedding along with other relatives and my family of seven. We had every sleeping surface filled that night including couches and floors. I tried to get someone to sleep on the island in our kitchen, but no one was brave or desperate enough.

We woke up in the morning ready to get our wedding on!

Brett and I got in a car with my grandparents and were on our way to the temple. We were nearly there when Garrett (Bri's husband) called me and said that he forgot his temple recommend (a little card that acts like an ID so you can go into the temple) and his wedding ring. HA! So we had to backtrack to the house, find those things, and bring them to the temple. Needless to say we got there with only minutes to spare.

The temple ceremony was quiet, sincere, and beautiful. There is nothing quite as powerful as getting married to your best friend for this life and all of eternity. I started crying when I gave Bri a hug. I couldn't believe my sister was married. I still can't believe it most of the time. It's okay for me to get married young, but since when was it okay for any of my siblings? 

Anyway, Bri looked radiant and the weather was perfect. After the sealing (temple ceremony) we took pictures outside with all of Bri and Garrett's family and close friends.

^Mr. and Mrs. Smith

^Mr. and Mrs. Candland. 

^This is by far my favorite picture. Pretty accurately illustrates my feelings towards Garrett. The protective older sister . . . muahahaha you'll never be rid of me. And how dare you marry my littler sis.

*Above statement was made partially in jest.                  Partially.

^We tried to get a picture of Bri's side of the family while the photographer was taking snaps of the bride and groom. Didn't the picture just turn out fantastic?

We left the temple and headed to the reception held in the Bertha's humongous backyard.

On the way to the reception, I couldn't figure out how I felt. Was I happy or sad that my sister was married? These conflicting emotions mingled with lack of sleep and stress knots in my shoulders made me one grumpy maid-of-honor. Just ask Brett.

Thankfully I snapped out of it by the time we arrived.

We took some more pictures before all the guests showed.

^The fantastic four.Thank goodness for aunts with sewing skills. When I first tried my dress on, I looked like the spawn of Dracula who was shackled to a pole in a dungeon for her whole life. However, with a bit of tweaking, we all looked pretty classy.

Two words can describe the reception: glamorous party.

^Maid-of-honor toast. I'm not exactly sure what I said other than, "Bri's my soulmate. Kind of." Spoken like a really good public speaker.

^My mom is gifted with swag.

What a great day. 

After the bride and groom left, we stayed for about three more hours to pack everything up. 

Weddings are a lot of work, but so worth it.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

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