Thursday, August 8, 2013

golden birthday

I turned 22 on July 22nd. And there was a full moon. I'm sure to some astrologist that means something. Maybe I got pregnant?


My mom and Sophie came up to visit for my birthday weekend. It's the first time I've ever had a whole weekend dedicated to celebrating my birthday. Brett and I aren't big birthday people and I don't understand when people celebrate their "birthday month." For real, you need a whole month to celebrate coming out of your mama? It's not like you actually did any of the work.

Anyway, forgive my tangent. I loved birthdaying (yes, I just made it a verb) for more than one day.


On Saturday we went to Muir Woods which is about an hour away from Dville. It was breathtaking. I saw  the clouds laying on top of redwoods and big vines hanging on eucalyptus. We went for a hike up and up until the clouds broke and the sun shone in the spaces between trees.

We learned a lot about redwood trees from one of the rangers. Apparently they are fireproof,  disease proof, insect proof, and flood proof. A redwood's roots grow down and out until they reach another's and then they connect and share water and nutrients. Their strong roots helps them withstand any storm. They are virtually indestructible. It's amazing to see the wonders of God.

On Saturday night we went to our ward's Pioneer Day celebration. I'm sure am glad for the early pioneers. And for the pioneers in my family: my dad, my uncle for introducing my dad to the church when he was 25, and my grandparents for converting when my mom was little.

We enjoyed delectable pies, good company, and some great pioneer costumes.

Not entirely sure pioneers wore hats with tawdry, glittery stars or saloon dresses, but what the hey.

Sophie brought San Diego to the celebration by getting Shamu painted on her face.

A party wouldn't be a party without adorable Teddy.


On Sunday we went to church and ate the McCloskey traditional Sunday dinner: broccoli, salmon, and potatoes. We went for a walk in the twilight and talked about all the things we are grateful for.


Monday was the big birthday. I took off work and we went to SF for the California Academy of Sciences.

^Sophie attracting butterflies with her jacket that looks like a pretty blue plume.

^Love them!

Highlights of California Academy of Sciences: 
(1) We saw a few short films in the Planterium and a discussion with an astronomer. They think that at the center of our galaxy (Milky Way) is a black hole that's pulling all of the solar systems together. Amazing! Also, almost every star that we see in the sky is a galaxy full of billions or trillions of stars. I was in awe at the wonders of God. How can you not believe in a God with that information? I love how science just reinforces my belief in a God that has a plan and loves us.

(2) We saw a scientist skin a blue jay. She was literally pulling the skin right off in one clean sweep. Then she dissected the brain. All the while she had headphones on and the most placid expression. Question: what type of music does one listen to as one peels the skin off a bird?

(3) Albino alligators. And giant spiders OUTSIDE of cages right above our heads. I almost had a panic attack. That is not safe! But, all in all, no spider eggs fell on me and I survived to tell the tale.

Monday night we went over to Cafe Claude in downtown SF. I was really craving French food and this place did not disappoint. Between the cool jazz music, the sultry lighting, and the company, the ambiance was exactly what I want. Brett and Aunt Abby joined us. Brett kept saying, "This restaurant is so you." Because it was!

^Brett surprised me with macarons! It was a very French-filled evening.

I'm so thankful for this incredible life I've been given. I have nothing but joy when I think about where I've been and where I'm headed. Thank you to everyone who has loved me and/or been my friend throughout my life. And thank you to God who blessed me with it all.

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22. (I couldn't help it, now could I?)

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