Saturday, August 10, 2013

first friday

Last week Sarah and I got off work, put our hippie clothes on, and went to Oakland First Friday.

It was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Street art, freestyling dance crews, vegan beet smoothies, bejeweled women on stilts, free-for-all painting walls, techno music, Ugandan art galleries, bizarre and unexpected performance art, lego cars, etc. Not to mention crazy people and lots of drug odors.

I felt completely out of my element . . . but then in it. It's a paradox. The artsy-fartsy in me came out to say hello. I missed my alter-ego.

^Lady on stilts leading a parade of half-naked dancers. 

^Behold, performance art.

^and below: our contributions to the painting wall. Sarah's is a bit better than mine (she's an art major). 

 Sarah got a really pretty lace dress, some cards, and a tapestry for her room. I got a fierce piece of art randomly from Sarah's high school friend. An amazing night. I need to start going to these things more often.

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