Friday, June 7, 2013

my word

I've realized recently that there is nothing more important in the entire world than keeping one's word.

I have made empty promises in my life and used my young age as a crutch. I'm too young to be so responsible. I can make mistakes because I'm young. I don't need to actually do what I said I would because they'll forgive me because I'm young.

No more.

I've been late to a million and two things. I've forgotten to get a birthday present more times than is acceptable. I've stood up people. I've turned in papers a week late. I've been careless with the excuse of being young.

I've told myself I'll learn someday, but if I keep up that mentality, I'll never learn.
Time to wake up and smell the adult life. Time to act and not be acted upon.
Time to make plans and not break them.
I'm done being a child.

Does anyone else feel this way?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Since Brett and I moved to Dville I have:

-Made a yummy salad dinner for the Greenbomb family
-Hiked a mountain with Brett and got my shoulders terribly sunburned
-Found numerous spiders in my room and in my shower . . . yuck
-Swam in the Greenbomb pool
-Celebrated my handsome husband's 26th birthday with a trip to Nordstrom, CPK, and witnessing the spectacle of Fast and Furious 6
-Driven Brett to BART every morning since he started his internship with Union Bank
-Eaten Vietnamese Pho soup for the first time
-Job hunting at its finest
-Seen a French film in SF with old lady boobs in it
-Played with cute kids including Teddy and Mimi
-Played with adult friends

And all the normal living stuff too.

So very much has happened since I last posted--wow. I will have to update one week at a time most likely. But, a preview: it includes San Diego, two weddings, Washington D.C. and a road trip through the night.

Have a lovely Wednesday!