Tuesday, April 2, 2013

my wants in my future house

Vintage vanity:

Spanish tile stairs:

Grandfather clock:

Turquoise kitchen:

Library with floor to ceiling bookshelves:

Wall of windows overlooking nature:

High ceilings and exposed wooden beams:

White walls with colorful modern art:

Stone and moss driveway:

Playroom for the kids:

Vines on the back of the house:

Brightly painted door:

Garden with a big variety of flowers:

Four poster bed:

Infinity pool preferably looking over a beautiful vista:

White Spanish stucco exterior:

I LOVE Spanish-styled homes. They remind me of the ocean and of Balboa Park; they remind me of home.

Brett loves modern homes. I think a blend of Spanish and modern would look really amazing. 

I am so excited for my future house. I think about it all the time. 

But, what matters most is family. I will be blissfully happy wherever I am with Brett. 

Happy Tuesday!

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