Saturday, April 13, 2013

how many pictures does it take for two sisters to look decent?

A lot.

I never blogged about Easter, or really anything that's been going on in my life recently. Easter was great. Brett and I woke up late and went to church with Bri and G-dog. Then we had a lovely lamb meal at the McCloskey's and celebrated the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ with verses from the Bible. I am grateful for Him and His sacrifice on the cross so I can live with God again someday with all of my wonderful family including my ancestors. 

My cousin Mia enjoyed some quality time with Riley. 

I hope you had a lovely Easter and celebrated what it is really about--none of the chocolate egg fluff. 

Last night I went to the BYU Ballroom Showcase and it was amazing! No wonder our ballroom program is top-ranked. There is so much talent at BYU. 

Today I went to a good friend's baby shower and failed to take pictures. 

Happy Saturday!

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