Sunday, April 14, 2013

general conference with friends

Last weekend was General Conference, two weekends out of the year where we all gather to listen to the leaders of our church give inspiring messages. Brett and I have gone to conference before in Salt Lake City, but this time we decided to relax and watch it at home with some good company.

On Saturday, we went to Luke and Lindsay's apartment to make crepes, probably the most sugary breakfast I have ever had in my life, but also the most delicious. Ice cream and orange cream cheese in crepes are a must.

Then on Sunday we had them over to our place for some gargantuous omelets brought to you by
Brett. He's the cook in the family for most things.

We did it Mongolian BBQ style; you put what you want in a little bowl and then Brett whips it in with the eggs.

My favorite talk from General Conference was on marriage, go figure.

"Marriage is a gift from God to us. The quality of our marriage is a gift from us to Him." ~L. Whitney Clayton

Then on Sunday night we had an enchilada feast with Stannabel, the Van Blerkoms, and Kimber and Scott and played some games. I ate sooo much that weekend. I love food.

'Twas a great time with great people and great spiritual edification.

Happy Sunday!

I dyed my hair today. Pictures of that to come.

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