Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Gots Meself an iPhone

This post title is to be said aloud in a thick British accent.

I finally redeemed my free phone upgrade and got an iPhone! No more crappy phone with no Internet!

My favorite thing about an iPhone is Instagram. It's supa awesome. Here's some of my Instagram photos:

 Crepes with Brett. Sometimes he refuses to smile. This crepe was orgasmic.

 The friends at the crepe place. Thanks so much for the group on, Stannabel.

 First Instagram picture. In the bathroom at BYU of all places. I had to put the phone down and pretend I was washing my hands when people came in. Hehe.

 My adorable baby sister sent me this note. I miss her so very much.

First-grade picture for throwbackthursday. Sophia and I look so much alike; my mouth was exactly like hers.

Today has been a good day. I went to a Relief Society luncheon today where we had soup and bread and talked. Loved getting to know the girls. Brett and I are going to spend a fabulous night at Costco tonight because we are the coolest people you ever did know. Then tomorrow will be spent at church and with family. I also may make banana fiber muffins tomorrow with tofu inside. Don't be fooled; they're delicious.

Have a good Saturday!

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