Sunday, March 17, 2013

Courtney's shindig

This week was crazy crazy, but I say that about every week. And it's true. For every week. (Lots of repetition of week, can someone say assonance?) (You'll only understand that if you're an English major of have studied poetic/rhetorical devices on your own time)

Some highlights:
(1) I watched The Bachelor Finale with my good friend Lindsay, and Catherine won!
(2) Brett and I went out to Red Mango on Tuesday with Elliott and his new girlfriend Maggie. We got the mango tart frozen yogurt and it was pleasing to the taste.
(3) I spent my evening on Wednesday from 4:00 to 11:30 p.m. putting together Stowaway magazine.
(4) Brett was gone for two nights and I wasn't that scared! Granted I did put two chairs and a stool in front of the door and slept with pepper spray and a knife by my bed. Better safe than dead.
(5) I didn't fall on my face or fart or something embarrassing during my English Symposium presentation.

Last night, my old roommates and I went out to celebrate Courtney because she's getting married. It was so fun to see the gals again.

Courtney's the one in the white. We went to Guru's and there was karaoke. We did not know there would be this karaoke. We should make a rule for humanity that one does not participate in karaoke if one has a voice comparable to a witch's shriek.

After many attempts, we were sad to admit that we didn't get a good group picture. The gods were not in our favor.

Girl time is better than sliced bread. 

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