Sunday, March 24, 2013

boy or girl makes a party

My great cousin and his wife, Brandon and Jessie, are preggo! On Friday we had their baby's gender reveal party. Neither Brandon or Jessie knew the baby's gender; they had the ultrasound technician hide it from them in the pinata.

I guessed that it was a boy. Was I right?

Brandon, Chase, and Jenna all felt the same way. Brett thought it was a girl. You wear a party necklace of the color of your gender of selection.

 We played some old wive's tale games to determine whether it was a boy or girl. According to the wive's tales, it was a boy. Jessie thought it was a girl. Hmmm . . .

Pinata reveal. 

It's a boy! The ultrasound pictures were in the pinata too. I knew it was a boy since I first learned they were expecting. I just knew. The same thing happened when my mom was pregnant with Sophie. None of us doubted for a second that it was a girl. I always, always knew she was going to be a girl.

Maybe I'm a clairvoyant?

Happy Sunday! Sadly, it's snowing here, so we won't go on any cute little Sunday picnics. Sigh.

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