Tuesday, February 26, 2013

yoga and food

I have been having a really good time with the girls from my ward recently (a ward is a group of people I go to church with). I used to not really like being in a married student ward. I used to think that I should just endure it, but now I am enjoying it instead.

Last week I got to teach yoga to some amazing girls. It was my first time teaching yoga ever and I really loved it. I may be the teacher for this little club for weeks and months to come and I am thrilled. We all got our chi on.

Then my friend Lindsay and I delivered dinner to a girl from our ward who just had a baby.

I made some garlic bread for the dinner and saved half the loaf for Brett and me to consume at our leisure. There is nothing quite as delicious as huge chunks of garlic, parsley butter on a thick slab of Italian bread. 

My Relief Society (the group of girls in a ward; strange name I know) is awesome. I have met great friends there and I love it. 

I wrote down my calendar for this week and I think the week should be admitted into an insane asylum because it's absolutely crazy! 

Happy Tuesday!

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