Thursday, February 28, 2013

when security beats style

When the weather is nice, I ride my bike to school. I got it for Christmas from a great family friend and it is magical. I love exercising while traveling to and from school and feeling the wind in my face.

Naturally, I am absolutely paranoid about riding my bike. I feel like once I got my bike, all of these horror stories started arising about people dying or getting injured while on a bike. Thus, the reinforcement of the helmet began.

Don't I look snazzy? 

I wear this super sexy helmet every time I ride my bike. Sometimes security beats out style. I know I look like a complete nerd, but hey, I'm married so who cares?

I'm slowly but surely turning into a frumpy mom. But, I will never succumb to the minivan! 


  1. hahaha. love this. girl you will never be out of style ;) wear that bike helmet with pride!