Tuesday, February 5, 2013

my new favorite work out song

I was listening to Pandora and this gem of a song popped up. I immediately fell in love and researched the violinist. She graduated from BYU. Of course she did. BYU often doesn't get enough credit for the talent it breeds.

This is definitely my new favorite work out song. See me head bobbing to it on the treadmill three days a week (cross my fingers I actually go on the treadmill that many times in one week).

Brett and I had a fabulous weekend complete with movie watching, church going, Superbowl fake-watching with friends, Little Caesar's eating, and apartment cleaning. Oh and I devoted my entire Friday night and Saturday all-day to editing a cookbook for my internship. The sacrifices we make with the hopes of having a good career, sigh.

Today is my little baby sister's birthday. Sophia Kira McCloskey is seven years old. How is she growing up so fast? I really wish I could be there for her pajama birthday party. I have a great idea: I'll dress up in my pjs all day to celebrate. Sounds like the perfect plan to me. I love you, Sophie!

Have a great Tuesday and enjoy a second night of The Bachelor. I know I will.

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