Tuesday, February 19, 2013

good book double whammy: very far away and glimpse

I missed doing Good Book Friday two weeks in a row, so today you're going to get two books! Isn't it just the greatest day of your life?? You thought I'd forget? Well too bad, muahahaha.

I read this first book last year and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. It is called Very Far Away from Anywhere Else by Ursula K. Le Guin. It's about a high school boy named Owen who has never been able to define or identify himself and then he meets this amazing girl Natalie who seems to have it all figured out. The connection between them is beautiful, real, and deep--even though they are just kids. But, what am I saying? I'm practically a kid and I'm in a deep, committed relationship.

I wrote a paper about this book for my Women's Literature class in which I said that Owen and Natalie have a symbiotic relationship where they thrive off of the strengths of the other where they have weaknesses in themselves. Owen can laugh and talk and break free and Natalie can be sure and hard working and identifiable. The man and the woman really are meant to be together. I find that Brett balances and completes me and I him. O, don't you just love the gushiness?

The next book is by someone I greatly admire and have become close to in the past months. Glimpse is by my teacher and friend Carol Lynch Williams. She has wrote over twenty novels and is soon publishing an exceptional middle-grade series called Just in Time with Familius, the publishing company I'm interning with. I have read several of her books and each is captivating and as always, the young-adult voice is perfect.

The story is set in short verse which accentuates the intensity of its plot. And it is heart-rippingly sad. I got through most of the book in one sitting because I was so emotionally invested. Carol will do that to you. The other books I have loved by her are Waiting and The Chosen One. You should definitely read all of them. This Glimpse copy was signed especially for me and I will treasure it always.

Have a great Tuesday! Keep reading and learning because, let's face it, what's better than learning? Nothing I say!

Disclaimer: Sorry for any unusual weirdness in this post. I have a bad tension headache and thus am a little loopy.

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