Wednesday, January 16, 2013

christmas with the candlands

I miserably failed at taking pictures whilst in Dville for Christmas. But, you know what, that's just a-okay with me. It was nice to relax and not think about capturing every single candid photo opportunity like a possessed soccer mom.

Christmas was amazing. I got a lot of really nice things because the Candlands spoil me silly. I really feel one of the family now. It was hard for me to get adjusted to the in-law family when Brett and I first started dating because they are all much older and mature than me. I felt like they didn't take me seriously . . . which was more of my own insecurity than reality. I feel embraced by them now and know that although sometimes I am impossible to deal with-- especially when I am a serial consumer of ALL their salt and vinegar chips-- they still love me. And guys, that's what family is. Ohana means family. I'll give you a hundred dollars if you can nail the movie reference (not really).

 On Christmas Eve, we drew a name out of the hat and then went to Tar-get (complete with the French accent) to shop for our person's stocking items.

Christmas morning:

Ashley got a new lense for her camera and was obviously thrilled.

Brett got a toy helicopter! Who said we had to grow up? Not Santa!

Brett's parents are leaving for Argentina and Chile for 18 months serving on an LDS mission. We shall miss them dearly.

Christmas dinner. Notice that Brett is still in his pjs . . . poor guy had a flu on Christmas day.

I felt like Christmas in Dville was somewhat of a hibernation, bear style. I don't think I've ever slept so much in my life. Blissful is the only word to describe it. Brett and I got the flu and then a couple days later I got a cold plus other female ailments. Thus large amounts of sleep were not only appreciated but needed.

Other than sleeping, we saw Les Miserables. This is my favorite musical OF ALL TIME. The movie did not disappoint. Hugh Jackman made me weep and Anne Hathaway made me shiver. By the finale when all the deceased people were singing about the "garden of the Lord" I was a goner. The most cathartic experience I've had all year.

We also saw Jack Reacher which was palatable, but not superb. I couldn't get over the fact that the Jack Reacher in the Lee Child series Brett and I so dearly love is a 250-pound, 6'5" man--and the casting director chose Tom Cruise for the part. TOM CRUISE? Are you nut-so? The casting director should be fired and be refused at every movie studio in the world. Yes, I am being hyperbolic, but that is my specialty.

We also spent time with friends including Phil & Aubrey, and Dallin & Kayla. After we saw them, Brett and I both sighed and wished that these people lived in Utah. Our group of friends in Utah is slowly dwindling to only a few couples. Es triste. We will get out of this here Provo as soon as possible. Hallelujah.

I want to go back to Dville and relax again. This semester is going to woop my behind. I can feel it in my bones and I can see it on my calendar with all the deadlines and due dates that make my brain melt and spill on the ground like oozing hot carmel. Lovely image to end with I dare say.

Have a great hump day!

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