Friday, January 11, 2013

back with a vengeance

I am back . . . with a vengeance, also known as three months of pictures. Get yourself prepared.

We had our friends Laina & Tim and Courtney & Chase over for treats and games

 I made myself a delicious dinner and decided to take a  picture of it. It's spiced salmon and an arugala salad with goat cheese and strawberries. yum. 

My dad came to visit and spoiled us with a sushi lunch. Amazing. 

We went to the Northstar banquet for Brett's work and he got free tuition for a semester because he rocked it this summer!

Church with the dad and sister and her new fiance!

Bri whipped Jenna's hair into a sweet curly mohawk. 

My cousin Tara had a birthday! 

Pizzeria 712 with Brett and Dad. The best pizza place in the universe.

Brett got a new suit and he looks oh so suave. He went on a weekend networking trip to San Francisco and worked it.

 Halloween. We were the Romneys. We celebrated by handing out candy to adorable trick-or-treaters and going to Red Robin with friends. 

 Made apple pie and chocolate cream pie with family to celebrate Thanksgiving since we wouldn't be with them on the actual holiday.

Made popcorn with our popcorn popper!

The first day of Thanksgiving vacation, Brett fainted and split his head open on the bathroom counter. We rushed him to the ER and he got lots of stitches and a massive black eye.
Brett and I had a joint Thanksgiving with both of our families up in northern California. It was joyous to have everyone there. While Brett recovered and went to a work meeting, I explored the city with my family.

 We went on the wrong side of the Golden Gate bridge--the bike side. We got a lot of angry looks and a lot of people shouting at us, but it was worth it. We McCloskeys don't play by the rules.

 We had a divine crab feast on Fisherman's warf. There isn't much in this world that beats fresh seafood.
 Thanksgiving day.

Aren't these turkey cakepops adorable?
And below is my mom's appetizer platter. I don't think even the Barefoot Contessa herself could do anything prettier and more delicious than that.

Aunt Annie relaxing after a full meal.

 We hiked Rock City in the mountains of Danville.

We went to the annual Danville Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The choir was beautiful and sang many lovely Christmas songs.

 Sophie reading at the Danville library. She is the best little reader in all the land.

I had a party with my team at Schwa, the Linguistics journal at BYU. The Art Director made the schwa symbol cake--the upside down e. 

 We made gingerbread houses with Stannabel and Brennica. The Candland gingerbread house was a fortress complete with a moat, drawbridge, and spiky walls.

We endured finals and moved apartments and then went to San Diego for a week. I looooved being home. I feel like I never spend enough time in my beautiful land of ocean and palm trees. In the two pictures above we are looking at the venue for my sister's wedding reception because she is newly engaged!

 We went caroling. Caroling would not be complete without goofy hats and star-shaped jingle bells. 

 California Adventure and Disneyland! This was the first time Brett and I have ever been to Disneyland together. It was glorious and thankfully not too crowded. We met up with our good family friends the Stones. 

 We took a cartoon making class in California Adventure. We learned how to make Phineas and Ferb caricatures.
Picture from California Screamin'.

 The cutest little family you ever did see. They are soon to have baby number two and are naming her Cosette. I think that name is very appropriate considering the movie just came out . . . which was more than amazing if you ask me.

 We made the stupid decision of going on Splash Mountain at 9:00 p.m. in forty degree weather. Worth every water drop I got on my legs, face, and hair.

Tower of Terror.

Sophie's first grade class had a Christmas concert. She sang and it was adorable. 

Triple date at the potato shack with Mom & Dad, Bri & Garrett, and Me & Brett. The pancakes were huge and fluffy and now my mouth is watering.

 Sophie had a piano recital. She is taking lessons from the woman who taught me for fifteen years. Here  we are reunited with my beloved Reta.

High school best friends reunion! I haven't seen these girls since my wedding. It was more than amazing to see them again and catch up. 

Next post I'll go over our two weeks in Danville for Christmas. Isn't that just thrilling?

Brett and I are celebrating the weekend by hanging out with friends tonight and possibly going out to eat. Then I have a meeting tomorrow for my new internship at a publishing company called Familius and we will organize everything in our new apartment. Then we shall top the weekend off by going to church on Sunday and having dinner at the McCloskeys' of Utah house since I miss them so very much! 

Have a great Friday! 

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