Monday, September 17, 2012


I am currently a remodeling addict. Remodeling my wardrobe, remodeling my apartment, and remodeling the blog.

I realized that both our apartment and this blog were very monochromatic. Everything was blue. When I first made this blog and decorated our apartment, I had a giant fear of incorporating any warm colors. For some reason, a lot of warm colors remind me of headaches and sweaty afternoons. Maybe I was stuck in isolation in an orange, red, and yellow country-style hell when I was a child or something.

As I've matured in my designing and decorating aesthetic, I've realized that introducing some warm colors is not only okay, but good. I don't want my blog or apartment to be simply blues and greens. So boring!

So, here's to the new me, who welcomes wearing pearl bracelets (I used to barf in my mouth whenever I saw pearls), dyes her hair red, and embraces warm colors. I hope you like the new layout, because I sure do! Yippety yip!

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