Thursday, September 20, 2012

oh my oh my

Can you wait? Because I can't.

Oh my jeepers, I'm going to pee my pants.

Monday, September 17, 2012


I am currently a remodeling addict. Remodeling my wardrobe, remodeling my apartment, and remodeling the blog.

I realized that both our apartment and this blog were very monochromatic. Everything was blue. When I first made this blog and decorated our apartment, I had a giant fear of incorporating any warm colors. For some reason, a lot of warm colors remind me of headaches and sweaty afternoons. Maybe I was stuck in isolation in an orange, red, and yellow country-style hell when I was a child or something.

As I've matured in my designing and decorating aesthetic, I've realized that introducing some warm colors is not only okay, but good. I don't want my blog or apartment to be simply blues and greens. So boring!

So, here's to the new me, who welcomes wearing pearl bracelets (I used to barf in my mouth whenever I saw pearls), dyes her hair red, and embraces warm colors. I hope you like the new layout, because I sure do! Yippety yip!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

pretty things

Back to designing again! This pattern is bold, extreme, and a little tacky to some people. But I love it! It will be going up on my wall for sure.

pictures of my splendid life

Here are pictures to follow with all the details I gave a few days ago about my fantastic life.

It took about 20 minutes and a reluctant helper to get these uploaded onto a Mac on BYU campus, so you better appreciate them.

 Hottie Brettie making a fruit salad after church in Tejas.

 We had dinner with Elliott before he went into isolation at Texas A&M medical school. Stephen is giving Elliott a big, fat wedgie in case you were wondering.

 Besties with testies. (yup, I just said that.)

Birthday dinner for me!

 I love them manicures with Mother-in-Law and Friend.

 World War II museum with the husband and in-laws.

The two pre-mission lovebirds reunited at last.

 The bride Laina and her new husband after cutting the cake. AWWWWW

 Us with the bride.

 Old roommates.

Old roommate with husband. We are all getting married now! I thought I was the exception!

Reflecting back, I could have taken 10092826393764 more pictures than I did. I'm usually the picture queen! I'll come back to it soon. Don't worry; I'm not lost forever.

Random Thing for the Day: Today I had a meeting at 7:00 am. It was ridiculous. So to compensate, I just took a nap in the library tucked into a comfy armchair in a hidden corner and it was blissful. Pretty sure my mouth was open the whole time. Embarrassing. O well, still totally worth it.

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

sorta kinda back

I'm kind of back from my complete, full-frontal blogging hiatus. I say kind of back because I may do another unexpected break again. Hopefully not though. I know you all seriously missed me. You cried everyday when I didn't write. You didn't know how you could possibly get out of bed each morning without my o so eloquent words written in bloggospace to fill you with hope.

Anyway, gobs of stuff has happened since my last blog post. Mundane things, tragic things, an innumerable amount of awkward things since that is my specialty, and a lot of exciting things to put the cherry on top.

Here are a few:
- My computer forever crashed and all my valuable genealogy work, pictures, and programs fell into the abyss of loss. 'Twas a sad, sad day. (This is the reason why I haven't blogged in forever. I have no computer.)

- I turned 21! Go me! I can now go into bars and order an alcoholic drink and get plastered in front of all humankind. O wait. No, but really. I feel so much older as a 21 year old. Brett and I celebrated with a shopping spree for yours truly and a fabulous and 6,000 calorie dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.

- I dyed my hair red and am in love! Why haven't red and I ever met before? We were positively made for each other. I dyed it myself and it took about 3 hours, but it was so worth it because I saved mula!

- Our refrigerator broke and it smells like 1,000 rats barfed and then died inside it. This is not an exaggeration (ok, obviously it is a little bit). However, it is seriously the WORST odor you will ever smell in your entire life. I'll pay you 5 bucks to come over and brave it to see what I mean.

- On our way back from Coldstone in Texas with Stannabel (Stephen and Annabel), there was a ridiculous thunder and lightning storm and I thought we just might possibly die. One of the houses right down the street caught fire and burned nearly to the ground, and we got to watch the firefighters attempt to extinguish the flames. It was kind of exciting to watch because the fire was so wild, but it was sad for the homeowner.

- I spent the first week of school at my aunt and uncle's house here in Provo while Brett spent an extra week working in Texas. Their house felt like a family reunion; my grandma, 2 cousins and my cousins' wife, my aunt and uncle, and their exchange student all lived there. It was a party everyday! Didn't enjoy sleeping by myself though.

- My good friend/old roommate Laina got married! Her wedding was spectacular and gorgeous up at Sundance resort. She sang for her new husband accompanied by her a cappella group Delilah and then we all danced the night away. P.S. She had the most drool-over bouquet in the world. My my it was absolutely exquisite!

- Brett's parents came to visit us in Texas. My mommy-in-law treated me and Annabel to manicures and pedicures. My pedicure is still in tact and my toes are sparkly pink and fabulous. I also visited a Czech History museum with them (random I know, but it was very interesting), and we all went to the World War II museum together in Fredericksburg.

- I went to Smith's the other night looking like a cave troll (no makeup, hair in a mop on my head, you get the idea) and saw absolutely no one I know! Miracles do happen! Annnd I got Brett fruit snacks, so double points for me!

- I am increasingly growing more and more obsessed with the show Grimm. Have you seen it? I know the commercials make it look retarded, but it is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. you have to watch it.

- I love all of my classes and I'm not behind in any of them, yet. Emphasis on the yet.

- We have three weeks off for Christmas break this year! Dios mio, can this be? I've decided that Brett and I will be going to Disneyland during that break. We still haven't been together and it's a very egregious sin.

- I've seen some guys at school that I used to know freshman year who just barely got off their missions, and it's weird and I normally walk the other way so they don't notice me. I'm married now; we're just worlds apart.

- My sister is coming to visit this Friday! I cannot wait. We will do extraordinary things together.

That's a gist of what has happened in my life since I've been nonexistent in blogland. I know you all are just jumping up and down that I'm back, and so am I.

Pictures to come.