Thursday, June 28, 2012

five sixty

For our anniversary celebration, Brett surprised me with a lavish dinner at Dallas's finest restaurant.

Days before our anniversary, he kept telling me that he had nothing planned and that maybe we could go to a  movie or something after he got off work. Sure a movie is fun, but that's not quite special enough for the occasion. I mean, this is our first anniversary! We actually worked for this. We celebrate birthdays just because we are alive, but we celebrate wedding anniversaries because we stick it out with the one we love through thick and thin, through better and worse.

Brett being the amazing and clever man that he is sneakily withheld his plans from me until the very day, June 25, 2012. That day we went out to BJ's for a celebratory luncheon with the rest of his office for selling so well and hitting their sale goal. Then, Brett took the day off to be with me and we cuddled in bed and watched movies.

And then, he told me to get dressed all fancy because we were going somewhere. At first we joked that it was Taco Bell, but I knew that was not the case.

Brett took me to gourmet restaurant Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck in the heart of Dallas. Look at where this restaurant is:

Yep, it's at the very top of Reunion Tower in the lighted sphere. My ears popped in the elevator on the way up. 

The seats were situated outward, so we could see the gorgeous view of all of Dallas. And, the floor slowly rotated, so we could see everything angle of the beautiful city. It was exquisite! Such a romantic, glorious place to spend my anniversary with my lover. 

 We splurged on some scrumptious pot stickers, virgin pina coladas, and sushi. The lighted up Omni Hotel in the background was one of our favorite sights.

Happy, happy time! It's the best and most peaceful feeling to know that I married the right man. He has helped me become such a better person. I love you Brett!

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