Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the 1st year

Brett and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Monday. Paradoxically, the time has flown by so fast, but it also feels like we have been married for ages. I can't fathom unmarried life now.

Looking back, we have shared so many amazing adventures over this past year.

June: Married for time and all eternity in the Oakland Temple and honeymooned in Santa Barbara

July: Enjoyed the many lakes of Minnesota and the delights of summer security sales

August: Visited Mall of America and goggled at its vastness

September: Moved into and decorated our first real apartment together in  happy valley Utah

October: Separated for a weekend so Victoria could explore D.C. and see Les Miserables on a family girls' trip

November: Celebrated Thanksgiving in San Diego with the McCloskey side

December: Traveled to Danville for Christmas with the Candlands

January: Brett's basketball team conquered game after game while Victoria cheered on the sidelines

February: Splurged on a fancy trip to a resort in Idaho and Jackson Hole for Presidents' Weekend

March: Hosted beloved family members who came to visit including Brett's mommy

April: GUATEMALA! Need I say more?

May: Honored Victoria's dad on his 50th birthday with a family weekend in San Diego and moved to Texas for the summer

June: Flew to Lake Tahoe for the Candland Family Council and witnessed the sealing of Stephen and Annabel Ashton in the San Diego Temple

What an incredible year with the love of my life. It was hard and not quite as glamorous as it may seem, but it was and is worth it every second.

More to come about our trip to San Diego and our anniversary celebration!

Happy Wednesday!

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