Friday, June 29, 2012


In San Diego, I finally did it! I finally changed my Social Security and got a new license with my pretty new name on it. Victoria Candland has such a regal tone to it. And, Brett and I finally got our marriage certificate. For a while, I thought that the marriage certificate we got from the temple sufficed, but turns out we need a government issued marriage certificate to be officially recognized as married. HA! Have Brett and I been living in sin for the past year?? Nah, I don't think so. But still, it's nice to now have that official document as a keepsake that shows our devotion to each other.

 The marriage certificate! We had to celebrate this special moment in time with a picture, obviously. By the way, I took my new license picture with my hair in a ponytail and those big gold earrings. Looking back, I'm not sure if that was the best idea. We'll see how the picture turns out. Hopefully it's better than my first license picture I took when I was 15 at 8 in the morning unshowered and sleepy.

Sophie did us the honor of taking our picture. She is the cutest little sister anyone could dream of. She is so much bigger every time I see her. It makes me really sad that I'm not there to see her grow up and be a big part of her childhood. I hope she knows how much I love her.

I am finally and officially Mrs. Victoria Candland with my new Social Security and all. Now I just have to get a new passport. Won't that be another adventure!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

five sixty

For our anniversary celebration, Brett surprised me with a lavish dinner at Dallas's finest restaurant.

Days before our anniversary, he kept telling me that he had nothing planned and that maybe we could go to a  movie or something after he got off work. Sure a movie is fun, but that's not quite special enough for the occasion. I mean, this is our first anniversary! We actually worked for this. We celebrate birthdays just because we are alive, but we celebrate wedding anniversaries because we stick it out with the one we love through thick and thin, through better and worse.

Brett being the amazing and clever man that he is sneakily withheld his plans from me until the very day, June 25, 2012. That day we went out to BJ's for a celebratory luncheon with the rest of his office for selling so well and hitting their sale goal. Then, Brett took the day off to be with me and we cuddled in bed and watched movies.

And then, he told me to get dressed all fancy because we were going somewhere. At first we joked that it was Taco Bell, but I knew that was not the case.

Brett took me to gourmet restaurant Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck in the heart of Dallas. Look at where this restaurant is:

Yep, it's at the very top of Reunion Tower in the lighted sphere. My ears popped in the elevator on the way up. 

The seats were situated outward, so we could see the gorgeous view of all of Dallas. And, the floor slowly rotated, so we could see everything angle of the beautiful city. It was exquisite! Such a romantic, glorious place to spend my anniversary with my lover. 

 We splurged on some scrumptious pot stickers, virgin pina coladas, and sushi. The lighted up Omni Hotel in the background was one of our favorite sights.

Happy, happy time! It's the best and most peaceful feeling to know that I married the right man. He has helped me become such a better person. I love you Brett!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the 1st year

Brett and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Monday. Paradoxically, the time has flown by so fast, but it also feels like we have been married for ages. I can't fathom unmarried life now.

Looking back, we have shared so many amazing adventures over this past year.

June: Married for time and all eternity in the Oakland Temple and honeymooned in Santa Barbara

July: Enjoyed the many lakes of Minnesota and the delights of summer security sales

August: Visited Mall of America and goggled at its vastness

September: Moved into and decorated our first real apartment together in  happy valley Utah

October: Separated for a weekend so Victoria could explore D.C. and see Les Miserables on a family girls' trip

November: Celebrated Thanksgiving in San Diego with the McCloskey side

December: Traveled to Danville for Christmas with the Candlands

January: Brett's basketball team conquered game after game while Victoria cheered on the sidelines

February: Splurged on a fancy trip to a resort in Idaho and Jackson Hole for Presidents' Weekend

March: Hosted beloved family members who came to visit including Brett's mommy

April: GUATEMALA! Need I say more?

May: Honored Victoria's dad on his 50th birthday with a family weekend in San Diego and moved to Texas for the summer

June: Flew to Lake Tahoe for the Candland Family Council and witnessed the sealing of Stephen and Annabel Ashton in the San Diego Temple

What an incredible year with the love of my life. It was hard and not quite as glamorous as it may seem, but it was and is worth it every second.

More to come about our trip to San Diego and our anniversary celebration!

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, June 15, 2012

tahoe and the hospital

A lot has happened lately.

 Brett and I went to Lake Tahoe on a brief weekend vacation with the Candland side of the family. While there we formed a family council and did a lot of family bonding exercises with Richard Del Monte, who is using us as a guinea pig family for his new family council/family bank business. We created a family bank and decided where to invest the money and what to use the money for (i.e. grandchildren's education, family reunions, emergency medical bills). We also created a Candland family motto, mission statement, seal, charter, and family council by-laws. The intention is for these to last for generations so that our Candland clan will continue to be close and united. We held a family banquet at this amazing Thai restaurant where we presented posters we made out of cut-outs from magazines that express what the Candland family means to us personally and what we wish for the family to accomplish and experience in the years to come. It was such a special time to spend with my in-laws and I really felt that I bonded with them more and felt a part of the family. Not to mention Lake Tahoe is gorgeous!

 Celebrating Brett's birthday again with the fam.
Richard Del Monte with the Candlands.

We also went to Virginia City, one of the old  miner cities and home to Mark Twain. It was incredible to see so much history and take tours and visit museums and look at antiques.
 Tara and I with Mark Twain.
 Antique books about the Wild Wild West.

Brett and I have also spent some time in Waco, Texas for his job and having been enjoying luxurious late night trips to Applebee's, Rosa's Mexican food and the movies.

And, we visited the ER for poor Brett.

We thought he had a gall bladder infection and needed emergency surgery. He was in extreme pain for three days and vomiting so we knew it was bad. Turns out he had a really badly bleeding ulcer. He's doing a lot better now after the medication thankfully.

That's the end. Brett's been selling well and we are having the best time possible in Texas. We are going to San Diego next week for Stephen's wedding and I'm so excited to spend time with my family and go to the beach! And our one year anniversary is in 10 days! Did you hear me? 10 DAYS! I cannot be its already been that long. Wow.

Have a lovely day!

Friday, June 8, 2012

a really good post

I read this blog post on The Weed and found it deeply enlightening and inspiring.

It is a loving and faithful LDS (Mormon) father and husband coming out of the closet and speaking of his choice  to be married and rear his biological children regardless of his sexual orientation.

This has been and is a touchy subject, and I greatly admire how well he answers all of the questions and expresses his true and profound love for his wife and three daughters.

Read it here.