Monday, May 14, 2012

papa's big day

The day before my dad's birthday, and before all the family arrived, Brett, Bri and I went to Sophie's kindergarten performance! She sang songs with her class and all the other kindergarten classes. Among the music were love songs by the Beatles, Peter Pan songs and De Colores.

We had a party in Sophie's room after the musical extravaganza. Please ignore this appallingly hideous picture of me. I would have cropped myself out, but then Sophie would be suspended in mid-air and that would look awkward.

My Dad turned 50 while we were in San Diego. A bunch of our family came down to celebrate. It was magical. I could have seriously stayed for another three weeks, but unfortunately we could only stay for half a week. I have really missed my home, and still miss it right now.

On Dad's Birthday morning we had a "breakfast of champions" where we all ate my mom's delicious gourmet breakfast bagels.

Then we went down to the park (it's right down the hill from us) to do a boot camp my mom designed with some trainer friends of hers (my mom is a personal trainer).

She had a retired navy seal and some personal trainer students from a nearby community college set up workout stations around the whole park and we rotated every minute or so. It was so fun! The retired navy seal was hard on us and I liked it!

Before the rotation process began, the trainers and navy seal guy had my dad demonstrate every station for us such as:

 Down ropes
 Abs with ball-thingy
 This thingy
 More ropes and on and on. There were a lot of stations. I was greatly impressed with how able my dad was to do it all!
 We also did a fun hurdle race and tug of war at the end of the circuit workout-thingy (notice that I don't know exercise terminology very well). The girls won the tug of war! Hollah! At the end of everything, we made my dad do 50 pushups while we all shouted out the numbers. After all of the previous intense workout, my dad did it with apparent ease! He's the man!
The trainers + navy seal (he's on the far right).

After the workout of all workouts, we went showered and got ourselves looking o-so-beautiful and went to the fabulous restaurant Urban Plates. I had steak, fresh veggies and pesto pasta and nearly died from happiness, or rather nearly passed into a food coma.

Then the crew went to see The Avengers. Loved it! I was rather bored at first, but it grew more interesting and more hilarious until I was completely satisfied at the end. Loved The Hulk and Ironman. Robert Downey Jr. all the wayyyy!!!!

After the entertaining Avengers, we proceeded to a delightful tailgate party in the parking lot of Petco Park in downtown SD to eat before the Padres Game.

 My wonderful family.

 In the stadium.
 We had pretty good seats!
 My love and Me.
And Sophie sporting the Padres logo.

The game was delightful, even though it lasted 12 innings and yet my family insisted on staying till the end, only to see the Padres lose 8 to 9. It still was extremely fun. Baseball games are the best, and I don't really care who wins and loses honestly.

On Saturday, we went on a hike at Torrey Pines national reserve and were led by our dear friend, Melba, who is a volunteer guide there.

 My cute cousins Brandon and Jessie (they are married, Jessie is not related to me, just to clarify)
 We explored an art bizarre at the top of Torrey Pines' notoriously long hill
 And then climbed down to the beach.

After, we furthered our celebration at my Nana and Poppop's house where we brunched.
 And lounged.
 And slept.
And ate ridiculously good cake.

We finished the day off with the beach and yet another fantastic meal at Roberto's Mexican Grill

And relaxed in our jacuzzi.

All of this in celebration of my Papa! I love you, Dad! You're the best ever and I am so lucky to call you my father! Happy 50th! May you have 50 more splendid years to come!

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  1. I'm so glad you got some great family time! I love that you guys made your dad do 50 push ups. So awesome.