Thursday, May 31, 2012

mommy's time to visit

My lovely mother came to visit us this past weekend. The stay was way too short. It seriously felt like she was here for just an afternoon. We did so many fun things when she was here and it was splendid to feel like my life was slightly normal and familiar again.

She spoiled me rotten as good mothers always do when their kids are grown and out of the house.

On Saturday we went shopping at Walmart to prepare for Brett's birthday party and got pedicures in that very Walmart. Who knew that place was a one stop shop? 

 I decided on a bold pink color to celebrate the oncoming summer! Go big or go home; everything's bigger in Texas; and all those other big sayings.

That night, my mommy and I went to see the Rodeo at the Fort Worth Stockyards. I'd never been to a real Texan rodeo before and it did not disappoint.
 Some cowboys preparing for the coy lassoing competition.

 Them cowboys getting ready for the bull-riding competition. See the guy to the left wearing the caged helmet? He was the only one who stayed on the bull for longer than 8 seconds. This was my favorite event of them all.
 My mom and I making Brett's banana carrot cake. It was so delicious and so moist!

The finished product.
We had guests over to celebrate Brett's birth on Sunday. We had a vunderbar Mexican meal with pineapple, mango, taco salad with a lime vinaigrette, and turkey enchiladas, plus the cake.
 Brett blowing out the candles.

Monday was Memorial Day, and sadly Brett had to work. My mommy, Annabel (our friend Stephen's fiance) and I went into Dallas and visited the Sixth Floor Museum and the JFK Memorial. The Sixth Floor Museum is in the exact building and floor where Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK those many years ago. The museum presented all the wonderful things JFK did during his presidency, and went full into the assassination, the suspected conspiracies behind it, and the funeral. It was really interesting and we got to look out the window and see the exact spot where JFK and Governor Conally where shot. Creepy!

The JFK Memorial. The simple, open square design represents the openness of JFK's spirit as it rest in its grave. 

My mommy and I also watched Sarah's Key and Anonymous. Anonymous was great even though it attempted to disprove Shakespeare as the true writer of all his plays, but Sarah's Key was disturbing and depressing. See it only if you want to have nightmares about your little brother rotting in a locked closet. 

On a better note, on Tuesday we went out to the pool and then I took my amazing mother to the airport and said farewell. It was too soon, but I get to see her again along with the rest of my family in a few weeks! 

Happy Thursday! 

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  1. i'm so glad to see you experiencing such texan things!! i love it (: hope the selling is going well! love and miss you!! (: ps dont forget to try blue bell ice cream! seriously, the best! my favorite flavor is southern blackberry cobbler! delicious!!