Wednesday, May 9, 2012

i've been everywhere man

A lot has happened since I last blogged.

We are now in Plano, Texas which is right outside of Dallas. We are living in a beautiful, giant apartment with a gorgeous clubhouse that has about 6 pools, a theatre room, free gym with yoga and zumba classes (I nearly died when I found that out), and $2 fake baking (I might do it once, don't judge me). Brett is out doing his first day of selling security while I've been sitting out by the pool, working on my internship, and training in the office where I'll be an assistant. I do not envy him or any of the guys in his office at all. Selling is h.a.r.d. Honestly, I would rather change old man nasty soiled diapers than sell door-to-door. I'm so proud of Brett for toughing it.

On a better note, before we came to good ol' Texas, we did a lot of things and went a lot of places.

First, we stayed in our apartment in Provo for a few days and played with friends and went hiking as seen here:

 Brett decided that it would be fun for us to scale down this mountain here without any trail. It doesn't look big in this picture, but believe me it was huge and I was panicking every time a shrub hit my legs because I thought it was a snake. Thankfully, we made it out alive and have now deemed ourselves professional adventurers.

After our jolly time in Utah, we packed pretty much every inch of our life into every inch of our car. We even squished toilet paper, fabric softener, hangers and the like in there because we didn't want to buy anything once out in Texas.

Then we drove to Danville, CA. We set up what we called our "mobile command" in the car to pass the time. It consisted of a car electric plug in thing, a surge protector, speakers, iPad charger and laptop. That way we could watch movies as we drove. Well, Brett listened and I watched (Brett never wants me to drive when we are on road trips. N.e.v.e.r. Probably because I'm a terrible driver).

In Danville we did an array of fun activities. Number one being that we went to the Oakland Temple, where Brett and I sealed the deal (pun intended).

We also saw some of our friends, including the Greenans. Here Aubrey is with her adorable baby Teddy.

Brett and I also visited Dodge and Cox in San Francisco, where Brett met with internship advisors and learned about finance/trading/wealth management first-hand from equity traders and the like. It made him really excited to pursue a career in finance soon.

We also went out to Thai food with Brett's parents on a double date, watched movies, relaxed by the pool, ate some more, and so on and so forth.

After Danville, we headed to San Diego for a few days for my daddy's 50th birthday celebration! But, more on that tomorrow, because that's going to take a full-length post.

Blogging hiatus is over. Stay tuned for to hear about our San Diegan trip! Happy whatever-the-day-is-today!

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