Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This is week two of my journey doing Insanity!

I've never sweat so much in my life. I like it though.

The whole thing takes 60 days. After these days of torment are over, I'm going to be one ab-alicious, toned mama walking down those California beaches. Or more like the Texas pool.

Insanity really builds up my endurance, which is good because I have about zero of that. Dancing doesn't really make one build endurance because dances usually last 2 to 10 minutes, which really isn't that long compared to a 40 minute Insanity workout of constant, intense movement. I'm especially glad that my endurance will be high, because after these 60 days are up I'm going to start running for real. Like actually be a runner for once and stick to my running goals. Hello half marathons and full marathons and then ultimately Ironmans! Yes, I will do an Ironman in my life. Just you wait.

If you're looking to get in great shape, try Insanity. It's hard, but it's totally worth it.

Happy Wednesday!

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