Monday, April 23, 2012

guatemala part 3

On Tuesday of our adventure, I barely took any pictures. Sad.

Brett and I spent the day at the orphanage on Tuesday. For the first half of the day, I was the interpreter at the little medical clinic we had set up there. A lot of women came with their numerous children and we tended to their needs by giving them baby formula, antibiotics, pain killers, child vitamins, etc. It was rather difficult to interpret because a lot of the women talked so fast or had a strange Mayan accent. Sometimes they had a hard time understanding me as well because apparently I have a thick American accent. I have to work on that. But, it was neat to work as an interpreter! My Spanish definitely improved and that night I dreamed in Spanish. Many of the women had dental problems and were experiencing a lot of pain in several of their teeth, so next trip we might try to bring some dentists down as well.

After I interpreted for the medical clinic, I interpreted in the distribution center where we gave an incredible amount of kid's clothes to many mothers. It was a bit chaotic because some women just started grabbing clothes and running off with them and we started to run out faster than we hoped because of that. Eventually we got all of the women under control and were able to give out the rest of the clothes in peace. I was the only Spanish speaker up there, thus it was so exciting to interpret again!

Sadly, here are the only pictures I have from Tuesday's work:

 Inside the orphanage. Pretty rainbow.
 My friend, Bri, right before we laid out all the clothes for the distribution center.
Brett giving out sweets to the little kids.

Tuesday night, after we ate dinner at the Rancho Grande Inn, we explored down town Panajachel and may have gotten a bit lost.

 Madeline and Elliott are from Jewish descent. Here they are reconnecting with their Jew roots.
 Brett and Elliott looking manly whilst trying on doo rags at a street vendor's shop.

 Walking hand in hand down the streets of Panajachel. Loose khaki pants are the way to dress on a trip like this I've decided; they were so comfortable!
Guatemalan natives to the left and other Guatemalan natives to the right playing the xylophone. Their music was ringing through the whole street and I loved it.

Wednesday, we went back to Chuti Estancia.

For the first part of the day, Rachel and I put little baby clothes and hats into packages to distribute out to the pregnant women or women who just had a baby.

Then we helped make beds and stoves and played around with the kids.

 Making beds in the hot sun. We made about 10 of them.

 Boys eating lollipops we gave them.
 Evelyn, my mother-in-law and founder of Pan En La Boca (the humanitarian organization that organized the entire trip) talking to the women at the medical clinic in Chuti Estancia.
 Adorable children eating apples we gave them.
 Brett and I with all the kids at the school in Chuti. Right after this, Rachel and I tried to teach all the kids a song in Spanish and they just stared at us with blank expressions. It's probably because they couldn't understand our accents, dang it.
 I love the kids!
 Dog that just had puppies.
 Brett and the other Rachel (Elliott's sister) matching and looking sly.
 Brett resting on one of the many beds we made. He might be a little too tall for it though.

 10-year-olds, Leona and Annie playing down by the banks with the Guatemalan kids. They also wrestled them in the dirt and it was hilarious to watch.
Me with a cute Guatemalan toddler who loved to cuddle.

We had to say goodbye to the people in Chuti Estancia, which was bittersweet. We hope to go there again on our next trip.

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by a terrifying Indiana-Jones-like bridge and crossed it like crazy people. I'm just a little bit scared of heights . . .

That is Tuesday and Wednesday of our trip. The last to come in one final post.

Happy Monday e'erbody!

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