Thursday, April 19, 2012

guatemala part 2

 This is what our little hut hotel rooms looked like at Rancho Grande Inn in Panajachel. We had the hotel all to our group of twenty four people which was very nice.
 Lovely tree on the lawn at the inn.

On Monday, we went to Chuti Estancia, a little town with a little school and a lot of little kids. At first we played around with the kids and they were the cutest thing!

 They liked to crowd around us, but wouldn't say a lot because they were so shy. We kept asking them questions and asking them to dance with us and they would run off giggling. We also showed them a lot of magic tricks using a coin and they loved it.
 We played soccer with the little boys and they beat us by a lot!

Pretty Guatemalan girls. Many of these people speak a Mayan dialect with each other, but can understand and speak Spanish as well. It was cool to see them switch from speaking into the clicky, guttural Mayan dialect to speaking Spanish like nobody's business. Apparently there are over 20 different Mayan dialects unique to Guatemala. Crazy!
 This was our bathroom.
 Beautiful little girl in the traditional Mayan clothing holding a little baby in a handmade blanket. They make their clothing as well and the bus driver told me that it takes the women about 4 months to make one outfit because they are so intricate. A Mayan mother wraps one of those blankets around herself and puts the baby inside and  positions him so his head pops out. You bet your bottom dollar I'm going to buy one of those blankets eventually so I can swaddle Brett Jr. inside.
 Rachel and I making cement floors. Apparently we were really good at it because our group called us the Michelangelos thereafter (we made the floors really smooth and pretty like the Sistine chapel painter would have done). The houses were incredibly small. They were one room dwellings about 15 feet by 12 feet.
 Some of the group with some of the adorable kids.
 The chapel in the heart of Chuti Estancia.
 That night was Elliott's (Brett's best friend) 25th birthday. To celebrate we went out to a nice restaurant in down town Panajachel. Guatemalan food is nothing like Mexican food; I had fettucine alfredo with vegetables that night (we had to put our crazy diet on hold for this week or else we would have starved). The waiters brought out delicious chocolate and vanilla cakes for Elliott and these little boys set off some firecrackers outside in celebration, which were terrifyingly loud. One little Guatemalan boy gave Elliott a ring as a gift and in turn Elliott gave him half of one of the cakes.
 Our sun-burnt faces at the restaurant.
After that we walked around down town and looked at all the things street vendors were selling. The Mayan-clothed Barbies really caught my attention.

So that was Monday in gorgeous Gautemala. More to come later!

Happy Thursday!

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