Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Another song I'm obsessed with is from the Inception soundtrack and it is called Time. I've loved it ever since I saw the movie a couple years ago or so.

I saw a girl dance a solo to it here at BYU and I almost cried.

There's something about music that makes me feel the Spirit so strongly. I've realized over the years that it is the best and most acute way for me to feel God's power and to witness the beauty in life.

I think I was a composer in another life or something (I've tried composing some songs in this life and believe me, I'm terrible at it). There is something so moving about music. It makes me transcend the mundane.

Through what avenues do you feel the Spirit?

We were talking about this today in my Women's Literature class and some classmates said that they find their spirituality best reached through books, or movies, or their relationships with others, or through writing (I feel it there too) or through nature.

I'm so happy that we have these ways to tune into ourselves and the entities greater than us.

You might think I'm crazy, but I can't hear you; I'm too busy listening to my Inception music.

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