Sunday, March 18, 2012

pi and saint patrick's days

March 14th equals Pi Day! 3.14. I used to celebrate it with my girlfriends and we would eat large amounts of pie, but this year I celebrated with the hubbers.

We made banana cream pie and it was delicious and very easy to create.

And yesterday was St. Patrick's Day! I love this day because I am actually Irish. Woo! Like 25% (my maiden name is McCloskey for crying out loud, how more Irish does it get than that?)

Bri is in town again so Brett, Bri and I enjoyed the greenery in nature by hiking the Y yesterday.

 Brett thought it would be funny to pretend that he was trying to throw me off the cliff.

Ok, the hike wasn't that green. But, the weather was overcast and windy, and that always makes me think of Ireland for some reason. O how I want to visit that lush, green land.

Rachel, Bri and I also went on a cupcake date. I got the Irish Cream cupcake once again in celebration of St. Patrick and it was scrumptious to the taste.

Ok, I think my camera hates me. My whiteness in this picture is comparable to that of a Geisha. I swear I'm a mildly attractive person. Please excuse my ghastly (or should I say ghostly?) image in this picture.

I hope your holidays were spent doing fun things. Remember to have fun and enjoy the simple things in life. If you don't, then you're a pretty lame person. :D

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