Friday, March 9, 2012

life would be so much better without sleep

I love to sleep. But, it's also my nemesis. I hate it and love it at the same time. It's like Cheeto puffs.

This week has been crazy for me. Brett's mom is here to visit for the week which has been absolutely lovely. But, I also have a ton of homework this week and assignments due for the journals I'm an editor and designer for which has been really stressing me out.

Yesterday, I went to school with Brett's big shirt on and was un-showered and sweaty and gross. Gah.

I wrote a 15 page character exercise last night for my creative writing class. I had to form a character and create scenes that really impacted her life. She is a lady in her early thirties who used to be a professional dancer in New York whose lawyer husband got colon cancer and died. But, before he died they decided to have a baby and now she is a high school dance coach with her four year old son who looks just like her late husband. It probably sounds really cheesy to you. But, I honestly fell in love with my character, and her family. I got so immersed in this writing exercise that the hours flew by.

 I realized that I love writing. I always said that I wanted to be a writer, but now I know for sure. It is a beautiful experience.

How does this apply to hating sleep? Well, I want to be a mom at some time. But, I also want to have a career. Not a full time job per se, but a vocation other than motherhood that fulfills the professional  inside of me. I want to be a yoga instructor and an editor and a writer and own a wedding invitation business and run marathons and be a travel journalist and so many other things. How can I do these things and be a good mom and wife with so few hours in the day?

I wish that I didn't have to sleep. I wish that I just had superhero masses of energy so that I can do everything I want in this life. I wish that everyone else still had to sleep, but I didn't have to so I would be so much more on top of it. Curse you sleep!

Hopefully I can still accomplish many of my goals even with the stupid necessity of sleep. For now, I'm going to get seven hours of sleep a night and pray to use the time I do have wisely. I've been cutting down my movie and TV time to focus on the things that are productive and meaningful.

Does anyone else feel the same way I do? Am I crazy?

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