Sunday, February 12, 2012

marital happenings

I found Brett like this the other day:

Isn't he so innovative? It made me laugh so hard.

This week we also went to our friend Lindsey's surprise birthday party.

 Lindsey is surprised...even if she doesn't look like it in this picture.

 Couples pictures. 

And Brett's team had another basketball game, which they won again.
 Elliott teasing Brett. Precious.
Jessie and me recorded the score and cheerleaded like good wives. 

Jessie and Brandon came over and we played Cranium in which Jessie plummeted me into the ground whilst charading mud wrestling. I also saw The Vow with Lindsey and other girls and loved it. Good week and weekend. Brett and I are watching The Lion King right now and I remember why I loved it so much as a child...all the African music and spiritual messages me encantan.

Have the best of Sundays.

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  1. BAHAHAHA I really am sorry about the mud wrestling!I can't control my strength!! :P AND, I have 2 older brothers and Brandon who beat me up all the time.. so I'm a fighter. Ha. I had so much fun! You comin over to the McCloskey's tonight??