Friday, January 6, 2012

more christmas vacation yo

Hey hey!

Brett and I are back in el Provo. And surprisingly, the weather is great! I didn't even have to wear a jacket yesterday! Wahoo!

Here are some more pictures from our vacation in Danville.

 Brett made vegetable juice with his new juicer (if you mix lemons and apples with it it's not nearly as gross)

 Brett and I spent a lot of quality time together

I naturally took weird pictures of myself. this is my super angry evil face. are you intimidated?

 we celebrated Mama Candland's birthday with Mexican food

 the girls got manicures to celebrate the new year 

 we watched her dog for a few days while she went to Vegas with her fiance and friends. Gosh, I wanted to keep her dog. She was a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

 my nails and my beautiful wedding ring. Didn't Brett do such a good job? I love it love it love it

 Tara and I made a few Barefoot Contessa recipes from a cookbook I got from one of my bridal showers. We made flank steak with provencal butter, rolls, and delicious salad with cinnamon and maple syrup soaked butternut squash, cranberries, goat cheese crumbles and homemade dressing. My my the whole meal was to die for

We also went to a wedding, the jewelry mart in San Fran (where I got 3 dollar earrings), a baby blessing, and saw Mission Impossible, etc. etc. We played lots and lots of games including Dix It which is a really cute game that everyone should get and watched a lot of episodes of Leverage and Once Upon a Time. Ok, is anyone as obsessed with the new show Once Upon a Time as I am? I freaking love that show! So my type of thing probably because I'm a really big dork.

We also might have slept through the New Year. I woke Brett up 10 seconds before midnight so that we could kiss (it was our first New Years together) and that was the extent of our New Years festivities. hahaha.

Anywho, we had a fabulous break and I'm less than thrilled to be back to school. Hope you all had or are still having a vunderbar vacation!

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