Wednesday, January 18, 2012

life and guns

Brett and I went shot gun shooting with our friends Brian and Jennica on MLK day.

I've never shot a shot gun before. I've shot a rifle in Wyoming and some other guns at a shooting range, but never a shot gun.

Let's face it, guns scare me. They're just so powerful and dangerous and scary. One little mistake and I could blow my husband's or my foot off or something. Not good not good. I like to pretend I'm a badass sometimes, but in reality I'm really really not. I'm actually most likely the biggest dork you'll ever meet and definitely not a fly person. Hence, big guns=scaredy-cat Victoria.

Fortunately, nothing disastrous occurred whilst shot gun shooting. And it was fun. But still freaking scary. I tried to laugh off my fear, thus many of the pictures we have are of me hysterically laughing.

 Jennica playing with her new camera

 Me being classy

 the boys preparing the clay pigeon shooter

 Brett kind of chilly in the snow

 At least I married a badass

and cue the pictures of my hysteria

 disclaimer: the shot gun was not cocked when it was in this position 

 we're done and leaving

The landscape was beautiful out there. The snow was all over the mountains specked with evergreen trees and little creeks. Everything was silent in between the pounding booms of the shot gun.

After that, we went to Brian and Jennica's for dinner and had d.e.l.i.c.o.u.s. enchiladas and fudge. Num num num. Jennica, that fudge was incredible.

Martin Luther King Day was such a wonderful day. I got a new blazer and new boots as well! I love days where I'm out and about experiencing things, and MLK day was just that.

Another thing to make life just simply wonderful: Brett surprised me last night with a candlelit fondue dinner he had prepared all by himself. It was so romantic and amazing and exactly what I needed after 8 hours at school.

I swear my life isn't always rainbows and sunshine like it sometimes appears to be on this blog, but I have been having a realllllly wonderful few weeks and I cannot help but express it!

Life is beautiful!


  1. love this! and im so glad we hung out! and i love your laughing gun pictures. that was fun! let's do it again!

    1. I love that picture and caption of Brett with the gun. It made me laugh out loud. Love you sister!