Saturday, January 21, 2012

BYU pride

Brett and I went to BYU's Got Talent on Wednesday night to cheer on our friend's girlfriend. She played a beautiful Celtic piece on the violin. I told her after that she should audition for the folk dance band and she just laughed at me. I'm glad that we went because we witnessed the amazing talents people have at BYU. Seriously, only at BYU will you hear four part harmonies during hymns . . . there is so much talent especially in the music department.

On Thursday, Brett and I joined our friends Kellyn and Glen at the BYU basketball game. It was loads of fun even though we lost because I got to see the Cougarettes dance and I think they're great :D Basketball at BYU isn't nearly as fun anymore without Jimmer, but the Candlands are still loud and proud and die-hard BYU fans.

The lighting in the Marriott center was so weird. Forgive me for these nearly psychedelic pictures.

I love BYU. I would not want to go to any other college. I'm grateful everyday for it. I will forever and ever bleed blue.

Thus ends my cheesy tribute to my university. 

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