Monday, December 12, 2011

ze weeeekend

Or my weird way of saying the weekend. 

Brett and I had a happy weekend before the complete onslaught of finals. 

On Friday night, Brett had to teach a study review from 8:00 to 10:00pm (bleh!).
I was feeling sick (story of my life, I have been sick so many stinking times this semester, my feeble body is honestly taking over my life) so I stayed home and watched youtube videos and listened to Christmas songs like a lame person. 
Brett was supposed to come home by 10:15 or so, right?
Well 10:15 rolls by, then 10:30 then 10:50 then 11:10. . . and then I start to freak out.
Where is Brett??
What if he's dead??????!!!!!!!
What if he got mugged and is lying on the ground somewhere dying??!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just a disclaimer, he wasn't answering his phone the entire time my freak out occurred. 
I think I called him about 30 times and texted him a bajillion times. No answer.
I even called his friends and asked if they had heard from him. 

Maybe it was because I was sick, but I had a legitimate my-hubbie-is-dead break down for about a solid half an hour.
Around 11:45, Brett comes strolling into our apartment and I nearly tackle him to the ground with kisses and big giant bear hugs.
I thought you were dead!
Turns out his phone died and the review session went almost 2 hours over. 
I've never been so happy to see my husband walk through our front door than that night.
Just a funny story I thought I'd share since I know pretty much every wife has been in my same boat.
Maybe not. Maybe I'm just paranoid and bonkers. O well.

Saturday, Brett and I decided that we needed to get to know our ward (a group of people we go to church with) better so we went to our ward Christmas breakfast. At 9:00am. Who schedules a ward party for 9:00am?? No no no. . .Brett and I like to actually sleep on Saturday mornings. Anyway, it was very fun and the company was great.

Saturday night, Brett and I went to the Provo LDS Temple. O how amazing the temple is! It brings such peace and enlightenment and puts everything into perspective.

On Sunday, Brett and I went to the McCloskeys for dinner, games and Christmas activities. I looooooooooooooooooooove having family close by. I've never really had that before and it is just absolutely lovely.

Here's some pictures of us hanging out and decorating the McCloskey's Christmas tree:

 Jessie and Rachel. 

 Brett's been rocking the mustache for a week or so. Excuse me, I mustache you a question. Cracks me up every time.

 Christmas bulb earrings. And Rachel is sporting the adjustment-string-over-your-head high-waisted sweat pants. :D

 Brandon and Jessie trimming the tree.

 Hahahaha. Awkward picture of Brett and I decorating. Love it.

Welp, that was our weekend. 
Good luck on finals for all those who are taking any this week!

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